Felipe Ottoni, Axel Katz


The objective of this paper was to study the diet of six species populations of the genus Australoheros, comparing the obtained results with information present in the literature. For this, two values related to the diet were calculated for the populations analyzed: frequency of occurrence and the proportion in which food category contributed to the diet of each species. The obtained results demonstrated that the species of Australoheros usually have a generalist and opportunist feeding habit, showing a preference for aquatic arthropods. It was not possible to affirm any alimentary preference for A. scitulus, since the gut and intestine content data were based only on radiographed specimens, revealing the presence of Gastropoda in their guts and intestines. It is just an evidence of the presence of Gastropoda in its diet, but it is not an evidence of a feed preference for Gastropoda. Comparing the gut and intestine contents of the six populations of Australoheros herein analysed with the diet of A. acaroides, it was concluded that only Cladocera and Diptera Larvae can be considered similar items of the feeding habit. In addition, in the present study, it was possible to observe the presence of some fishes that are characteristic from moderate salty water, in the gut and intestine content of a population of A. macaensis occurring in the Carapebus lagoon system. Thus, it could be an evidence of some degree of tolerance of this species for moderate salty water. However, more studies about the degree of the salt in the water are needed to corroborate this hypothesis of tolerance.


ecology, food analysis, gut content, Heroini, South American cichlids.

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